Phillips 66
Billings, MT
Completion Date:
August 2006, 2007, 2012
Conoco Phillips


LSG2 Project: Corval Group was contracted to set structural steel and equipment for a gasoline hydrotreater addition. Corval Group self-performed ironwork, pipefitting and grout work while the plant was still operating.

B2 Boiler Repair Project: Corval Group performed boiler maintenance at ConocoPhillips’ Cillings Refinery. This project was self-performed ASME “R” Stamp repair work including – coordinating of NDE testing, scaffolding, fire watch, boiler maker tube repairs and subcontractor management.

Nested Capital Services: Corval Group was contracted to perform capital project work in ConocoPhillips’ Billings Refinery. Corval self-performed piping, steel, boiler, equipment setting, fireproofing, concrerte and subcontractor management. Corval fabricated piping in our Billings, MT Fabrication shop.


  • Corval Group was the prime Contractor
  • The Contract was valued at $2.5MM
  • Pipe Length?
  • Number of contracts held with Conoco Phillips
  • Total Hours worked with Conoco Phillips