Corval Group is in the top of its class when it comes to safety. Our unending commitment to safety is illustrated with an EMR well below industry standards, low OSHA recordables, and zero lost time injuries.

Corval believes world class safety programs center on prevention, continuous training, and the recognition of safe work practices. Maintaining the highest safety standards protects people, property, and your bottom line.

As our foundational value, safety is fully embraced at all levels of the organization. From our CEO to our field personnel, safety is our #1 priority. By incorporating Safety at both the corporate and site-specific levels, Corval addresses all potential job tasks and hazards for every project, from beginning to end.

By understanding that a safe work environment equates to an injury-free work place, Corval employs safe work methods for every person on the job, from our employees to our subcontractors to our clients. With safety elements at all levels of the organization, Corval continues to be recognized nationwide for its efforts and has been given the prestigious Mechanical Service Contractor of America Star Qualified Contractor status.