Corval Group uses safety programs to keep safety the primary value in both the jobsite and corporate environments.

 Our philosophy to SUPPORT OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE SAFETY PERFORMANCE: "We will identify people performing safely and recognize them, celebrate and reward outstanding group safety performance, and correct performance that is not in line with our expectations."

Individual Safety Performance Programs

SPOT Safe Performance Recognition


To continuously recognize employees who are meeting and exceeding our expectation for safe work behavior. This program is intended to identify people performing safely in order to reinforce the behaviors we want to see continue and expand, from them and others.


At the discretion of Field Leader, employees observed performing with exemplary safety performance will be recognized for their efforts.


Safety Point Merchandise Program


To reward individual employees for their continued “incident-free” performance.


For each hour an employee works safely they will be awarded one safety point.  The safety points will accrue until the employee chooses to cash them in for “Safety Team” merchandise.

Note: Employees who are found to perform unsafely, will have their safety points reduced in accordance with the Safety Discipline Program.

Safety Data Goal Lunch Celebration


Celebrate the success of the entire organization's safety performance.


Corval Group has set “Goals” for each month on the number of Spots/THA’s/ SSA’s completed.  If the Goals are reached, Corval Group will buy lunch for all employees.